Thursday, 4 December 2014

Early Christmas - Sleigh Bells Loops

I was recording some Christmas track with the brass band I am conducting and while recording some of the percussion I was thinking "why not making some loops out of those?". So here they are, loops at 80 BPM. 

I dropped them in FL Studio to put automatically the loop markers. All files stereo wav, 32 bit float, 44.1 KHz. The ones labeled "mono" are out of mono files (recorded with one mic) and the "stereo" are same mono recordings with a Eventide Micro Pitch applied.
(image of a similar instrument)

By downloading the provided files you accept the following terms:

  • You may not use it for commercial sample libraries (put it on a CD and sell it, sell it online, etc)
  • You may use the sample content as an integral part of your musical composition, in combination with other sounds, for both personal and commercial purpose. 
  •  I don't accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, liability, injury or upset caused to or suffered by you as a result of misusing this material. 

Enjoy the freebie.

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