Thursday, 23 September 2010

Free Rock Pack for Mu.Lab

Electric Guitar Power Chords
Stereo recorded Epiphone SG Special guitar. Samples at 44.1 KHz samplerate, 24 bit, stereo.

Acoustic Guitar Strums
Mono recorded Fender CD-60CE Nat major and minor chords, one strum and muted strums so you can make your own patterns. Samples at 44.1 KHz samplerate, 24 bit, mono.

Source files are included for MU.LAB.
MU.LAB is an alternative, hi-quality music application for Mac OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into a complete music studio!
DOWNLOAD Mu.Lab Multisampla format
How to install:
1. Get Mu.Lab (free version would do it just fine)
2. Download and unzip the archive.
3. Move the patch folder into the Mulab/User/Library/Mux folder

By downloading the provided files you accept the following terms:
  • You may not use it for commercial sample libraries (put it on a CD and sell it, sell it online, etc) 
  • You may use the sample content as an integral part of your musical composition, in combination with other sounds, for both personal and commercial purpose. 
  • I don't accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, liability, injury or upset caused to or suffered by you as a result of misusing this material. 
Enjoy the freebie.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mihai Sorohan Discography


2017 - Mihai Sorohan - ... (dot, dot, dot) trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, guitar, bass guitar)
Buy it on Bandcamp
... (dot, dot, dot) on Soundcloud

2015 - Mihai Sorohan - Watercolors (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, guitar, bass guitar)
Buy it on Bandcamp
Watercolors on Soundcloud

2015 - Mihai Sorohan - TWO (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, keyboards, guitar)

2009 - Mihai Sorohan - Anachronic (trumpet, keyboards, guitar)


2019 - Mihai Sorohan - Splash! Big-Band Version (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar)

Collaborations as a guest artist, sound engineer & remixes:

2020 - Nelsons - Stained Demo Tracks (recording, mixing, mastering)
Listen on Spotify 

2019 Lady Albatross - Soul Eater (brass, production, mixing)
Buy it on CD Baby
Lady Albatross on Facebook
Lady Albatross Official Website

2016 - Lady Albatross - Do What I Want (mixing, guitar, ukulele, bass ukulele)
Buy it on CD Baby
Buy it on Bancamp
Lady Albatross on Facebook
Lady Albatross Official Website

2015 - byron - Eternal Return
trumpet on "Little by Little"
Official Release
byron Official Website
byron on Facebook
Eternal Return listen & buy digital

2015 - Jart Noise - various tracks (trumpet; brass)
Listen & buy on Bandcamp

2014 - Various Artists - The Warp Zone - compilation by John Montoya (Ayotom)
track no. 17. "Quick to the Elfmobile"
Listen on Soundcluod

2013 - Various Artists - compilation "Spring Tube vs. Easy Summer vol.8"
remix of "Russian Lights" by Kenneth Thomas

2012 - Timohi - "Pirmas Blynas" (trumpet, guitar, keyboards, sound engineer)
Listen Online

2011 - Fierbinteanu - "Love Goes Round In Circles"

2011 - Alexandr Belkin - "Beatles'n'Jazz"

2011 - Audio Draft Compilation - Relief Songs For Japan
All incomes from the album sales are donated to the Japan Aid of Finnish Red Cross.

2011 - Josiah Heflin - Psalms 1 to 10 Revisited (trumpet, guitar & arrangement)
All Music produced and composed by Josiah Heflin except Psalm 7 and Psalm 10 which were composed and produced by Josiah Heflin and Duncan Parsons and the trumpet interlude on Psalm 9 was composed and arranged by Mihai Sorohan.

2010 - Timohi - CD Viktor Tsoy Tribute Lietuva

2009 - Noa triple CD recorded as part of Music Laboratory Network "The Process"
Project supervised by Moritz Bergfeld and Gediminas Zujus.

2009 - Opera Skyle DVD
Composer Rūta Vitkauskaitė
Libreto by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė

2009 - Yesterdays - The Spaghetti Epic III - The Great Silence (Musea Compilation)
More info (unfortunately sold out)

2008 - Teodora Iacob - Efecte speciale (trumpet)

2008 - Kaska - Liber si nesilit de nimeni (trumpet)

2007 - Shukar Collective - Rromatek (trumpet)

2004 - Nightlosers - Rhythm & Bulz (trumpet)

Miscellaneous recordings:

2012 - FreeMind - "DM Sentimentai"
2010 - Eden - Eurovision single "Nirvana" (guitar)
2008 - Bossa Nova Project - demo (trumpet, keyboards, guitar)
2007 - Morisena - TransyMusic (trumpet)
2006 - One - official demo (trumpet)
2006 - Glidq - live at Delta RFI (trumpet)
2003 - Balkan Winds - live at Deutsche Welle (trumpet)