Thursday, 7 July 2011

Footprints Jazz Tutorial & Free Backing Track

"Footprints" is a jazz standard composed by Wayne Shorter, first appearing on his 1966 album Adam's Apple.
Whilst in 6/4 metre, it is debatable whether it could be called a jazz waltz, since the feel could be divided into compound duple or simple triple time.
- Wikipedia

Footprints Backing Track
Tonality C minor.
Track sequenced, performed, recorded and mixed by Mihai Sorohan in 2011.

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Music Sheet from

Another good tutorial for this jazz standard can be found HERE

Here, for inspiration Wayne Shorter - Footprints from 'Adam's Apple'.
- Wayne Shorter (ts),
- Herbie Hancock (p),
- Reggie Workman (b),
- Joe Chambers (d).

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