Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas (late) SampleTank Freebie

I wanted to make a free glockenspiel patch for Christmas, patch I thought to be for Mu.Lab and Kontakt, but I thought "why not try SampleTank, now that it's free".
Well, took a while to make it, mainly because SampleTank is a very closed and hard to understand, at least the free version. So, because I was late with it, I thought "why not throw in there some more stuff?".
List of instruments:
- Glockenspiel
- Bamboo
Brass and Wind
- Muted Trumpet
- Recorder
Unzip into the "Instruments" folder.
The structure should be Program Files/IK Multimedia/ Instruments/Mihai Sorohan Sounds/.
You should be able to acces it from ST menu.

No loop points, no velocity multi layering, but still I think it might be useful. All samples recorded at 32 bit and converted to 16 bit wav stereo.
There are available 8 more child presets by jobromedia originally posted on KVR.
Extract them in the same folder where you extracted the original samples.
In order for the child presets to work, you should previously have the parent original samples.

The Free version of SampleTank Free you can get from IK Multimedia website:
SampleTank Free Download
It comes with over 500 MB samples for over 200 sounds included.


  1. Hi, First of all thanks for the Xmas present two years ago. Somehow I missed back then the 8 child presets by jobromedia. I know is a two-years old post , is there any chance of re-upped them somewhere? TY!

    1. Hi
      I updated and re-uploaded this pack.
      All patches and samples here:

  2. Do you plan on updating these to sample tank 4? Currently they cannot be opened and the older versions of sample tank are not available.